Most of us, if we’re being truly honest, join a work conference call the minute it’s scheduled to start. Then, we inevitably encounter launch issues — maybe because we’re trying to join remotely via a mobile device or perhaps the plugin required for entry is too slow — causing frustration and delays for everyone on the call.

Shouldn’t joining a conference call be easier by now?

The next time you’ve got a few minutes to spare while waiting for one of your co-workers to join a conference call, spend a few minutes checking out RingCentral.

This VoIP provider offers an affordable business phone system that provides users with basic functionality (making and receiving calls, caller ID), as well as more robust features (automated attendants, call diverting, texting, and, yes, easy audio and video conferencing) through their Internet connection.

In general, VoIP calls -- calls made over the internet -- cost significantly less than those made on landlines; plus, you don’t have to pay for installation or adding infrastructure for every new hire.

But RingCentral offers even more value for your money because all functionality and features are included in the standard price: That means instead of paying per feature per user (which adds up), you get phone, fax, text, online meeting and conferencing and more — all for one low monthly cost.

Here are some of the many ways RingCentral’s service can save your company money and make it more efficient — without any add-on fees:

  • Mobile-enabled. With RingCentral, users can call, text, and fax from their business number on any mobile device. This is particularly efficient if your company has remote employees or employees who travel frequently.
  • Unlimited video meetings with screen sharing. RingCentral offers powerful online meeting features including screen sharing, HD video, ability to connect anywhere, and team messaging all in one workspace.
  • Integration with apps your business uses every day. Connect to apps such as Gmail, Slack, Asana, Salesforce — and coming soon — even Alexa. Seamlessly incorporating your phone service into your larger business operations can significantly improve communication and collaboration between you and your customers.
  • Quality control. Bad audio or video quality can make or break a meeting — RingCentral’s new Quality of Service Analytics lets administrators view inprogress calls to help them manage and troubleshoot any quality issues before they become a bigger problem.
  • More powerful inbound call routing. RingCentral’s advanced IVR (Interactive Voice Response) allows businesses to create multiple-layer phone routing menus and provide a thoughtfully tailored customer experience.

If RingCentral sounds like a excellent, cost-effective solution you just can’t pass up, get a quote here. And never join a conference call late because you were frantically fumbling for the access information again.

This is a sponsored post brought to you in collaboration with RingCentral.