Why it matters: Sony is building a team to create what it describes as the next chapter of cinematic storytelling. Early rumors suggest this could be the next entry in the Uncharted series and that it may be destined for the upcoming PlayStation 5.

Sony is recruiting talent for "the next chapter of cinematic storytelling" through the hiring of several new positions.

A listing for a lead character artist invites candidates to be part of the multi-award winning team responsible for the cinematic performances in franchises such as The Last of Us, Killzone and Uncharted. It's described as a high visibility project being developed in collaboration with a major Sony development studio.

The mystery project hasn't been announced, Sony said, but there is a clear vision and launch plan in place.

Sony is also looking for a senior UI programmer, a senior environment artist and a senior gameplay animator.

Some believe the job listings are further evidence of the next game in the Uncharted series. Specifically, the lines about the next chapter of cinematic storytelling and having a penchant for high quality, third-person action / adventure games.

Given where we are in the PlayStation 4's lifecycle, some also believe the project could be in the works for the next-gen PlayStation 5. Such an exclusive would make a great launch title... just sayin'.

Lead image courtesy Djordje Novakov via Shutterstock