It's no secret that one of Apple's biggest revenue sources is its mobile App Store; more specifically, in-app purchases such as mobile game microtransactions or subscription services.

In most cases, in-app purchases are a win-win situation for Apple and app developers. Apple receives a passive cut of the revenue merely for hosting a given app, and the developer has a shot at reaching a much wider audience than they could by going it alone.

However, some companies are deciding that they don't need to rely quite so heavily on intermediaries like Apple moving forward - and Netflix is one of them. According to VentureBeat, the streaming service will be putting an end to its in-app subscription purchase option for its iOS users.

To be clear, that doesn't mean that Netflix is being pulled from the App Store. Rather, users who open the app on iOS (presumably without an account or with a lapsed subscription) will be prompted to visit Netflix's official website to re-subscribe instead of being allowed to do it in-app.

Netflix undoubtedly hopes this move will allow them to dodge Apple's 30 percent revenue cut for subscriptions, which is similar to what Epic pulled with Fortnite last year. If you aren't aware, the company decided to distribute Fortnite on Android directly through its website rather than via the Google Play Store.