Highly anticipated: Deep Silver just slipped us some more information about its upcoming post-apocalyptic shooter Metro Exodus. The third game in the franchise had its release date bumped up, has its first story trailer, is getting and XboneX bundle, and has an epic collector's edition being given away (as previously reported).

The Metro Exodus release date is rapidly approaching. In fact, it is coming faster than expected. When last we heard from Deep Silver the release date had been pushed back to 2019 — February 22 as it announced back in August last year. The publisher went quiet for a while, but it just adjusted the release date to February 15 along with dropping a new story trailer and bundle.

We’ve already seen some of the gameplay in previous videos, but this is the first time developer 4A Games has released a teaser of the story.

The trailer is narrated by a character named Anna, which Deep Silver says is Artyom’s wife and the Spartan Order’s top sniper. We know from a previous clip that a big part of the game involves a train called the Aurora and a quest outside of the Metro tunnels.

“From the frozen winter streets of Moscow to the fiery summer sands of the Caspian desert … the Story Trailer explores the hostile world of Metro Exodus that lies in wait for the crew of the Aurora as they flee the ruins of Moscow and embark on an epic year-long journey into the unknown. Artyom always believed that there was life beyond the Metro – now his hopes and dreams will be put to the ultimate test in the crucible of the Russian wastelands.”

Along with the trailer, Deep Silver and Microsoft announced yet another bundle for the game. Available for pre-order now is the Xbox One X Metro Saga Bundle. This package includes a 1TB Xbox One X console and all three Metro games — Metro 2033 Redux, Metro: Last Light Redux and Metro Exodus. This makes the third physical bundled edition, the other two being the Aurora Limited Edition and the not-for-sale Artyom Master Edition we reported on yesterday.

The package deal will start shipping on February 15 for $499. That’s not a bad deal if you’re already in the market for an XboneX. You’re essentially getting two outstanding games and one yet to be determined as impressive for free with your console purchase.