In brief: Battlefield V's battle royale mode won't be ready until March but in the meantime, EA DICE has a new Squad Conquest mode to try out. They've also improved the death experience based on user feedback and squashed plenty of bugs. The beat goes on.

The second installment of EA DICE's post-launch content bundle for Battlefield V launches this week.

Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes notably introduces Squad Conquest, a more "intense" version of traditional conquest that involves tactical gameplay between two squads of eight across condensed versions of the Hamada, Arras and Rotterdam maps. Players will battle to control three flags with very limited access to vehicles, we're told.

The mode will only be available from January 17 through January 30, EA highlights.

The update is also adding some new weapons as part of weekly challenges including the Zk-383 SMG for the medic class, the Modele 1944 semi-automatic rifle for the assault class and the M1922 MMG for support class players.

EA has also made a number of changes to what it calls the death experience.

Now, the name of the person that has killed a player is shown in the game world. A new death camera, meanwhile, will help players understand how they were killed and pinpoint the position of their perpetrator. EA additionally tweaked the UI directional damage indicator and bullet tracers for improved accuracy.

A trailer for the new update also teases the upcoming Firestorm battle royale mode slated for March. Full patch notes can be found here.