Something to look forward to: In a press event before the New York Toy Fair, which starts tomorrow, Hasbro unveiled three Stranger Things-licensed games. One is a mini arcade video-game cabinet. Another is a Trivial Pursuit game, but what has me really geeking out is the D&D campaign Will and his friends were playing in the debut episode.

To ring in the new year, Stranger Things let us know via Twitter that Season 3 of the Netflix-exclusive show would be airing this summer on July 4. It was somewhat disappointing to fans as 21 months is a long wait for the next season (there was only a 15-month wait between S1 and S2).

However, the Stranger Things marketing/licensing team is hard at work bringing fans things to do in the interim. Engadget noted on Thursday, Hasbro announced that it would be releasing the Dungeons and Dragons adventure that Will and his friends were playing in the first episode of Season 1.

"Hunt for the Thessalhydra" is a Stranger Things themed D&D starter kit. The packaged pen-and-paper roleplaying adventure includes blank character sheets, dice, two Demogorgon figures, and a D&D rule book. The bundle will also have five pre-rolled character sheets based on the characters the kids play in the show.

The starter kit does not release until May 1, but you can pre-order from Amazon or Entertainment Earth.

Also shipping on May 1 is a Stranger Things edition of Trivial Pursuit. "Back to the 80s" will, of course, have 1980s era questions on pop culture, people, and events typically seen in the game. It will also have a category on the show.

In a Stranger things twist, there are portal spaces on the board. If a player lands on one, the game board is folded over, and all player continue in the "Upside Down." In this alternate reality of the game, players can lose wedges for getting questions wrong. The game will retail for $20 and can be pre-ordered from Amazon as well.

Lastly, Target has an exclusive mini arcade console that comes pre-loaded with 20 games including Pac-Man, Dig Dug, Galaga, and Galaxian. The other 16 titles are all unique Stranger Things-themed games. It too will release on May 1 and sell for $30. Checking the Target website revealed there are no pre-orders available at this time.