The big picture: HTC's answer to the Oculus Quest is the Vive Focus Plus, an upgraded version of the original that now includes two 6DoF motion controllers for added immersion. Pricing will be key - can HTC stay within range of Oculus' $399 MSRP?

HTC on Thursday announced an upgraded version of its standalone virtual reality headset. The new Vive Focus Plus gets dual six degrees of freedom (6DoF) controllers, enabling an experience that's more in line with what's offered by PC VR devices.

The original Vive Focus shipped with just a single controller sporting three degrees of freedom.

HTC said the new controllers will make it easier for developers to port existing PC titles to the standalone headset. They also feature a pressure-sensitive analog trigger, further enhancing immersion.

The headset itself isn't all that different from the original although HTC said it does now rest easier on the head, enhancing comfort during extended sessions of use.

HTC appears to be marketing the Vive Focus Plus primarily to enterprise users. It'll ship with professional features like Kiosk Mode, Gaze Support and device management tools that allow companies to remotely enroll, monitor and manage multiple headsets at once. In most markets, the system will ship with an enterprise license at no extra cost.

The HTC Vive Focus Plus will be showcased at Mobile World Congress next week ahead of a planned launch in 25 markets in the second quarter. No word yet on pricing but for reference, the original Vive Focus launched at $599.