Something to look forward to: Increasingly thin mobile devices will soon have eUFS 3.0 storage that is just as fast as most NVMe solid state drives. Samsung is delivering 128GB and 512GB variants soon, while 256GB and 1TB options are coming later this year.

Mass production of the first embedded Universal Flash Storage 3.0 chips is now underway by Samsung Electronics. Switching from eUFS 2.1 to eUFS 3.0 delivers more than double the read speed and writes nearly 1.6 times faster.

Comprised of fifth-generation 512-gigabit V-NAND, read speeds approach 2100MB/s with writes clocking in around 410MB/s. Random reads are now nine percent faster. Random writes receive a 36 percent improvement. After originally showing off a 512GB eUFS chip in 2017, pushing out another with double the performance in just two years is a big step forward.

Transferring a Full HD movie to the 512GB model is said to take just three seconds. Moving mass amounts of data on and off of mobile devices will become even faster, but most users are unlikely to ever fully take advantage. You will still need a wired USB cable in order to achieve maximum transfer speeds since most people do not have WiFi 6 access points yet.

Later this month, Samsung will launch both a 512GB and 128GB eUFS 3.0 chip. During the second half of this year, 1TB and 256GB models will make an appearance to give other mobile device manufacturers plenty of choices. Samsung believes that its ultra fast storage will end up in phones with "ultra-large high-resolution screens," potentially a subtle hint towards the Galaxy Note 10.