In context: Microsoft has been doing its best to compete with Google in the Chromebook space, but few of the company's efforts have caught on so far. Windows 10 S has all but failed in terms of mass adoption, to name one example.

Despite its rocky track record with lightweight operating systems, though, Microsoft is reportedly forging ahead with its plans to release "Windows Lite." The first hint that the OS existed popped up back in December, but now The Verge has confirmed that Lite is truly on its way.

Apparently, Windows Lite will be a stripped-down operating system that targets dual-screen devices initially, though it will ship to "Chromebook-like devices" at a later date.

Functionally speaking, Windows Lite is set to be even more "basic" than what we got with Windows 10 S. What exactly that means in terms of features and restrictions (or the lack thereof) remains to be seen.

Regarding aesthetics, the photo above is reportedly an "accurate" mock-up of what the current Windows Lite interface looks like. However, The Verge says that could change by the time the OS officially ships.

Speaking of shipping, we don't know when Microsoft plans to reveal Windows Lite. As we've speculated in the past, though, the company's upcoming Build 2019 conference is probably as good an announcement time as any.