In context: The battle for net neutrality has raged on for well over a year now, and there's still no clear end in sight. Obviously, the FCC has already voted to kill Title II protections on a federal level - that happened way back in December of 2017. However, the fight continues on the state level, and within Congress.

For example, California has enacted (and then put a temporary hold on) its own net neutrality bill in response to the FCC's decision; a move FCC Commissioner Ajit Pai has called "illegal." More recently, Texas politicians introduced a similar bill.

In terms of more wide-reaching examples of pushback against the FCC's vote, Democrats have attempted to use the Congressional Review Act to reverse the agency's decision entirely, but with limited success so far.

Democrats aren't going down easily, though. Congress members have now introduced a bill called the "Save the Internet Act of 2019," which would effectively re-instate Title II legislation.

Title II rules, for the unaware, aimed to protect consumers against ISP throttling, paid prioritization, and other undesirable activities.

You can read the bill in its entirety right here, and we recommend that you do. It's short and relatively easy to understand, even for those who are unfamiliar with US law.

We'll let you know whether or not this bill picks up any traction, but for now, we'd love to hear your thoughts on the net neutrality debate in the comments below.

Image courtesy Getty Images via Fortune & Ars Technica