WTF?! Due to a recent bug confirmed by BioWare, the level 1 Defender Rifle - the gun you begin with - is currently the most powerful weapon in the game. The bug, discovered by a Reddit user, is being fixed by BioWare in an upcoming patch.

For the few of you still playing Anthem, I have some good news for you. Thanks to a new bug, the starter rifle is now the most powerful weapon in the game.

Anthem, like similar games Destiny 2 and Warframe, rewards you for grinding and repeating the same missions over and over again to collect more powerful loot. Or at least that was the intention. The bug, first discovered in a Reddit post by YeetLordSupreme, is two-fold. Not only is the starter rifle more powerful than even the highest level weapons in the game, but apparently damage numbers on enemies mean nothing.

YeetLordSupreme said in their post that their level 1 Defender Rifle - the one you begin the game with - was killing enemies faster than the level 45 Ralner's Blaze rifle. It took only four bullets from the Defender Rifle to kill an enemy, while taking six bullets from the Ralner's Blaze. This is despite the level 45 rifle registering 1,184 hit points per shot versus only 286 from the Defender, suggesting that the actual damage being registered isn't accurate.

BioWare has confirmed the existence of this bug, with Anthem Reddit community manager Andrew Johnson responding to the thread. Johnson stated that he has "confirmed with the team that this is in fact a bug related specifically to the default items on a loadout in combination with higher level gear you have equipped. It's not functioning as intended and the team is working on an upcoming fix."

It's been a tough week for Anthem, with Sony reportedly offering refunds to customers due to the game bricking Playstations. This all comes on the heels of lackluster reviews of the game and myriad server issues at launch.