Downtime: Apple is the latest tech company to suffer service issues. Key iCloud services went down today and Apple's Twitter page is suspiciously lacking in tweets. This week has not been the greatest for big tech companies. Many users experienced issues with Gmail and Google Drive earlier this week while Facebook and its connected services, WhatsApp and Instagram, also experienced widespread outages lasting hours. Now, Apple is reporting issues with iCloud services starting around 11am EST.

As of writing, Apple's System Status page is showing all of its services are back to normal but this was after a few hours that a bevy of iCloud services were out of service including Backup, Mail, Keychain, Calendar, Contacts, iCloud sign in, Notes, Reminders, Find My iPhone, and Photos.

Many users have tweeted the Apple Support Twitter account complaining about the lack of connectivity.

For Apple's part, they seem to be working on the issue:

One weird thing that I've noticed that I haven't seen anybody else report on is Apple's Twitter account is completely empty. It appears as if all of their tweets have been deleted.


Hopefully all of the issues with iCloud will get sorted out as well as this puzzling lack of tweets from Apple. Facebook claimed that its issues were due to a server configuration change. However, it seems curious that Google, Facebook, and Apple all experienced outages in the same week. Perhaps it is all unconnected but it does seem interesting.