Rumor mill: Google has baked support for Nintendo's Joy-Con controllers into its latest Chrome OS update, adding fuel to the fire around rumors that a gaming console is coming from the search giant. The updated controller support comes just days after renders of a purported controller patent from Google were made public.

The most recent Chrome OS update includes support for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers, fueling speculation that a game streaming platform from Google is imminent.

This update comes on the heels of renders of a gaming controller from Google, supposedly patented in October 2018. Google also has an upcoming event at the 2019 Game Developers Conference that has been shrouded in mystery, but is hinting at an announcement in the gaming space. Rumors suggest that Google won't just be releasing an online streaming service, but an actual home console that integrates it.

It's unlikely that support for the Joy-Cons is indicative of a collaboration between Nintendo and Google. While Nintendo has opened up to more joint ventures than with past consoles, they still hold on tightly to their IP and would be unlikely to license games to Google. Instead, this is probably a sign that Google understands most gamers will opt to use gamepads they already own, which may mean further support for Xbox and PlayStation controllers rolling out in future updates.

GDC is right around the corner, kicking off on March 18. Hopefully Google will shed some more light on its plans to enter the gaming market during their event at the conference.

Lead image courtesy saksorn kumjit via Shutterstock