Something to look forward to: We still haven't reached the point where a new Galaxy Note 10 rumor arrives every other day, but speculation over Samsung's next flagship is growing. One such report makes a bold statement about the smartphone: it will have no physical buttons.

The claim, which should be taken with a heavy dose of salt, comes from Korean publication ETNews. It writes that instead of the usual volume rocker and power button, the Note 10 will use pressure-sensitive capacitive sections, meaning you squeeze the sides much like HTC's U11.

A button-free phone isn't a new concept. It's something we saw in the Meizu Zero, which also had no headphone jack, SIM tray, and speaker grills. Ultimately, however, that phone didn't manage to reach even half of its crowdfunding target, leading to the company's CEO revealing that the entire project was just a marketing stunt never intended for mass production. But there's still the 2019 version of Vivo's Apex smartphone, which also has no buttons.

The report adds that this "keyless technology" will also be implemented in Samsung's non-flagship models, including the Galaxy A series.

The smartphone industry has been stagnant for a long time now, leading to the introduction of innovative products and designs such as folding phones and hole-punch displays, but a Note phone without buttons does sound unlikely. We'll find out whether the report is accurate when the handset launches, which will likely be sometime in August.

In other Note 10 news, it looks as if there will be a 5G version of the device, as is the case with the Galaxy S10.