Something to look forward to: With the Galaxy S10 lineup and the Galaxy Fold now revealed, people are focusing on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10. We still don’t know what to expect from the upcoming phone, but it looks as if it’ll follow in the S10’s footsteps by offering a 5G model.

When analyzing the kernel source code for the Galaxy S10, XDA Developers discovered what is rumored to be a codename for the Note 10: “davinci.” One line of code mentions “davinci5G,” which could refer to a 5G model of the next Note device.

The Note series often incorporates some of the elements introduced in the latest Galaxy S phones, so a 5G version does seem likely, especially as the Galaxy Fold will also be 5G capable.

It will be interesting to see how much a Note 10 5G differs from the main model. The standard handset is rumored to come with four rear cameras, so could the 5G phone add an extra lens, which is what Samsung did with the S10 5G? And will it be bigger than that phone's 6.7 inches?

Like the Galaxy Fold, the Note 10 is thought to come with UFS (Universal Flash Storage) 3.0, allowing for data transfer rates of 23.2Gpbs. We can also expect to see dual front-facing hole punch cameras and an Infinity O display. While Samsung was recently granted a patent that described putting an optical camera inside the S-pen stylus, that feature may be reserved for a future device.

Earlier this month, we saw some Note 10 renders based on preliminary information about the phone. We’ll have to wait and see how much a 5G model—assuming there is one—differs from these images.

Image courtesy of PhoneArena