Members only: If you have been on the fence over whether or not to signup for Nintendo’s Switch Online service, Amazon might just have the offer to push you over the edge.

Twitch announced on Thursday that it is offering up to one year of Switch Online to Twitch Prime members. If you already have Amazon Prime, then you already have Twitch Prime, meaning all you have to do is sign in and claim the offer.

The deal starts you off with a 90-day trial membership to Nintendo’s online service. After 60 days, you can go back to Twitch Prime and claim nine months more of the service tacked on to your trial. One year of Switch Online is normally $19.99, so it’s not a bad offer if you have been hesitant to give it a go.

Already have Switch Online? That’s okay. You can claim the offer too, and it will be stacked on to the end of your current subscription.

Users will no longer be able to claim the offer after September 24th, 2019. The 9-month membership offer must be redeemed before January 22nd, 2020.

It is only a good deal for those already paying for Amazon Prime. Memberships run $13 per month or $120 per year, so it doesn’t make sense to sign up for Prime just to get the Nintendo offer unless you were planning on joining anyway.

Switch Online is similar to Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network. It allows users to play with friends online and is required for online only games like Fortnite or Nintendo's new exclusive Tetris 99. Members also gain access to a library of classic NES titles and cloud saves to spare precious memory.

Prime members have until September 24 to claim the first three months and January 22, 2020 to claim the remaining nine months. Be warned that once your free membership is up, you will be auto-renewed on a 3-month plan for $7.99 unless you turn off automatic renewals in your Switch settings.