What just happened? Valve is no stranger to the world of VR, but it has never created a headset of its own. However, on Saturday, the gaming giant revealed that it's been doing just that by teasing the "Valve Index." We weren't supposed to learn more about the mysterious high-end VR headset until May but a Steam listing for it mistakenly went live today, giving us some interesting bits of info.

For starters, the Index will begin shipping out on June 15 2019 with an unknown price tag. Furthermore, like its high-end competitors, the Index will include built-in headphones, but with open backs instead of full coverage.

A few system requirements and connectivity details were also visible in the listing. The Index will include narrow and wide face gaskets as well as support for DisplayPort 1.2 and USB 3.0 connections.

In terms of system requirements, the bare minimum you'll need is an Nvidia GTX 970 (or an AMD RX 480), 8GB of RAM, and any dual-core processor with hyper-threading. The recommended requirements suggest a quad-core CPU and an Nvidia GTX 1070.

Though this was not listed in the store page, Valve said to The Verge that pre-orders for the Index will begin on May 1; which is likely also when we'll get more concrete information about the headset.

Valve also confirmed to the outlet that the Index's rumored finger-tracking "Knuckles" controllers – which we first covered way back in 2017 – will ship with the device but under the less-interesting "Valve Index Controller" moniker.