What just happened? Debate regarding the appropriate age a child should get their first smartphone isn't likely to end anytime soon. Verizon isn't weighing in on the matter but the nation's largest wireless carrier is offering a new option for parents that have already decided to get their child a phone with a new plan called Just Kids.

Verizon on Tuesday introduced the first wireless plan from a major provider that is “designed to meet the needs of both parents and kids.”

Known as Just Kids, the new plan launches this Thursday and includes unlimited talk and text to 20 parent-defined contacts as well as 5GB of 4G LTE wireless data. Accounts come with Safety Mode enabled, a feature that allows users to keep using data – albeit at reduced speeds – after their allotment of high-speed data has been used up for the month.

Just Kids also includes Verizon’s suite of parental controls, dubbed Verizon Smart Family Premium (a $9.99 monthly value).

Notably, Just Kids accounts are limited to DVD-quality streaming (480p) and don’t include mobile hotspots or complementary access to Apple Music.

In order to sign up for a Just Kids plan, at least one line on your account must use a Go Unlimited, Above Unlimited or Beyond Unlimited plan. Pricing varies based on how many lines you already have open but can be as affordable as an extra $5 per month.

Customers can manage their accounts and change plans using the My Verizon app.