What just happened? Apple subsidiary Beats on Wednesday unveiled its latest creation, Powerbeats Pro - totally wireless earphones that, at least on paper, look to be better than Apple's recently launched second-gen AirPods in virtually every category.

Powerbeats Pro are 23 percent smaller than their predecessor and 17 percent lighter. They're also sweat and water resistant and boast up to nine hours of listening time. Using Fast Fuel charging, you can get up to 1.5 hours of playback in just five minutes and up to 4.5 hours with a 15-minute refill.

Powerbeats Pro feature an ambidextrous design with physical volume and track control buttons on each earbud, giving users full control over music and phone calls regardless of which hand they prefer to use.

Like the 2019 AirPods, Powerbeats Pro also utilize Apple's new H1 chip which offers 30 percent lower latency compared to the W1 used in the first version of AirPods.

Beats said sound quality was its highest priority when developing Powerbeats Pro.

Completely re-engineered from the inside out, the earphones boast an upgraded linear piston driver that leverages an efficient, pressurized airflow to create a powerful acoustic response in a small package. Enhanced sound quality means incredibly low distortion and great dynamic range across the entire frequency curve.

Luke Wood, president of Beats, said customers no longer have to choose between performance and practicality as Powerbeats Pro delivers the best on both fronts.

Powerbeats Pro will be available in black, white, dark green and blue when they ship next month for $249.95. They're compatible with both Android and iOS devices.