In brief: Tesla is reportedly planning a powertrain upgrade for its Model S sedan and Model X SUV based on technology developed for the Model 3. The new motors, which would give the EVs more range and boost power output, could arrive soon and help reinvigorate sales.

Sources familiar with the matter tell Electrek that new motors destined for the vehicles, codenamed Raven, are permanent magnet reluctance motors similar to what the company developed for the Model 3. Current motors are of the AC induction variety.

The publication’s sources claim the Model 3 motor can register an efficiency higher than 97 percent compared to just 93 percent for the Model S and Model X motors. The efficiency gap is said to be even greater in stop-and-go traffic.

The newer design could add up to a few dozen additional miles of range to each vehicle line, we’re told, and bump performance figures slightly. It could also accompany additional hardware upgrades to boost the charge rate, presumably resulting in faster recharges.

Sources didn’t have an exact date for when the change might occur but said it could happen relatively soon. Given the recent dip in deliveries during the first quarter, now could be the perfect time for Tesla to enhance the desirability of its Model S and Model X.

Tesla is also rumored to be working on an interior design refresh due out in the second half of 2019.

Lead image courtesy Sheila Fitzgerald via Shutterstock