Through the looking glass: Classic Super Nintendo games like F-Zero and Super Mario Kart have re-entered the homes of millions thanks to the launch of the SNES Classic Edition. Now thanks to a new HD emulation mod, these games and more are looking better than Nintendo could have ever imagined.

Nintendo's miniature console delivers a faithful reproduction of these games and others, complete with their original strengths and weaknesses.

Among them is Mode 7, a graphics mode that was used to create the illusion of three-dimensional graphics. It worked, mind you, but often resulted in chunky and pixelated backgrounds that weren't exactly aesthetically pleasing.

Over on Reddit, user DerKoun recently shared a beta release for an HD mod for bsnes 107.1 that performs Mode 7 transformations (including HDMA) at up to four times the horizontal and vertical resolution. The mod also introduces more aggressive averaging of the integer math to make things look even better. The results are downright breathtaking.

In F-Zero, the mess of pixels outside the track now form beautiful patterns. The results are even more stunning in Pilotwings as newfound details in the distance and on the ground are visible for the first time. Super Mario Kart with the HD Mode 7 mod looks like an entirely different game.

Those interested in giving the mod a shot can download the requisite files by following the links on Reddit.