In the PC gaming enthusiast community, high framerates are king. Resolution is obviously a close second (or even first, depending on who you ask), but high refresh rates and powerful system hardware generally translate to a smoother overall experience - when some of the most popular games are fast-paced FPS like Call of Duty and Apex Legends, it's not hard to see why that's desirable.

Razer is looking to cater to the framerate-hungry crowd with their newly-refreshed line of Blade 15 gaming laptops. Compared to previous Blade 15 models, the new line-up will include 9th-gen Intel processors (the i7 9750H, to be precise) and 240Hz screen options.

All of the new Blade 15s, except the top-end 4K OLED variant (which has a 60Hz refresh rate), will ship with Full HD (1080p) displays. There will be three distinct models for customers to choose from, though specific customizations will result in price variations (opting for a more powerful GPU, for example).

Before we get into the differences, let's talk about the similarities: the new Blade 15 models will all launch with Intel's 9th-gen i7 9750H CPU, which has six cores and a base clock speed of 2.6GHz (boostable to 4.5GHz). They'll also include a 512GB SSD and 16GB of RAM.

In terms of specifics, the new Blade 15 will come in basic, "Advanced," and 4K variants. The basic version will include a 144Hz display, an Nvidia RTX 2060, and a $1,999 price tag (its last-gen counterpart is still available for $1,599, though). The Advanced Blade 15 will house a 240Hz display and your choice of either a Max-Q RTX 2070 or 2080, with prices starting at $2,399. The 4K Blade 15 has the same GPU options, but it has a 60Hz OLED display and a price tag of $3,299.

The new Blade 15 ships in two colors: Black and Mercury White - if the refreshed gaming notebook sounds like your cup of tea, you can snag one right now via Razer's official website.