Regardless of how you feel about advertisements, they clearly aren't going anywhere anytime soon. Although the use of adblockers is on the rise, advertising companies continue to find different ways to get products in front of potential customers. Promoted videos, livestreams, and viral marketing are just a few of those methods.

Now, advertisers are working with privacy company Brave to actively reward users for viewing ads, without compromising their privacy. This idea comes in the form of Brave Rewards, a feature exclusive to the Brave browser.

Android or Desktop users can now earn a "70% revenue share" for all "Brave Ads" they view. Unlike traditional web ads, Brave Ads do not interrupt your browsing experience. They come in the form of notifications, so you won't see them plastered throughout website side bars or banner areas.

User earnings are delivered in the form of "Basic Attention Tokens" (BAT), a form of cryptocurrency that can be stored in an in-browser wallet and used to tip your favorite content creators or websites.

If that doesn't sound like much of a reward to you, don't worry. Soon, you'll be able to convert them into more useful "premium" rewards, such as hotel stays, restaurant coupons, and gift cards. Eventually, Brave will also make it possible to convert BAT into real, usable cash.

Brave Ads will be targeted to you based on the websites you visit, but that data is local to your device - none of it will be shared with Brave or advertisers themselves. As Brave puts it, "Users see rewarding ads, without web-wide mass surveillance."

If Brave Rewards sounds like your cup of tea, simply download Brave on your device of choice and visit the Rewards menu, which is located in the browser's settings menu.