Risk of Rain 2 developer Hopoo Games is likely feeling pretty pleased with itself lately. Their latest multiplayer, third-person roguelike shooter has managed to move over one million copies in its first month on the market.

This is an especially impressive milestone when you bear in mind the context: for starters, Hopoo Games is a relatively small indie developer, formerly made up of only two people. While the first Risk of Rain sold well – it was a 2D roguelike action platformer – the studio says it took the game roughly 5 years to sell as many copies as its sequel did in under 30 days.

That's not all, either. Risk of Rain 2 has managed to amass this huge playerbase while it's still in Steam Early Access - the game hasn't even fully released yet, and it's already selling like hotcakes. Hopoo Games isn't taking its sudden success for granted, either. "We are excited to see how many of you are jumping into RoR 2," the studio said in a statement. "Thank you all so much - we feel very lucky."

In their one million sales announcement, Hopoo also promised numerous upcoming patches, which will primarily contain bug fixes and full localization. Once those two things are taken care of, Hopoo will shift its focus toward Risk of Rain 2's first major "Content Update," which will contain a new playable character, boss, and map. Future updates will be even more substantial, the developers promise.

If you've never played Risk of Rain 1 or 2 before, both games can be snagged at fairly affordable prices - the former is $9.99 on Steam, and the latter is $19.99. Check out the gameplay video above to see if it's your cup of tea.