Google's Android Auto software (which is effectively Android for your car) is about to get much better. During Google's I/O 2019 developer conference, it unveiled Android Auto's new look, as well as the platform's improved communication, navigation, and background app features.

For those who prefer darker environments in their cars – perhaps you take a lot of late-night road trips – there's some good news: Google will be bringing a Dark Mode feature to Auto, which will shift the interface's colors to various shades of black. In theory, this should make Auto considerably easier on the eyes.

In addition to Dark Mode, Auto is getting a few other design-related tweaks, such as new fonts and new button icons. Furthermore, the navigation bar is getting overhauled - it's now much more "dynamic," allowing background apps to take advantage of some of its free space for specific tasks. For example, if you have a navigation app open but Spotify is playing in the background, the bottom bar will contain audio playback controls.

Similarly, if you have Spotify open but map navigation in the background, you'll see a brief blurb telling you the direction of your next turn, how far away it is, and what road you'll be turning onto.

Google is also promising a more seamless experience; at least for those who use Android Auto from their phones. Now, if you get out of your car to get groceries and then return an hour later, your phone will automatically start playing your music again and open up your "navigation app of choice" when you plug it back in.

These Android Auto improvements are set to launch sometime this summer, but a specific release date has not been announced yet.