What just happened? Computex is shaping up to be a wild ride for graphics cards. On top of possible Navi news from AMD, Nvidia is making moves to steal some of AMD's thunder. Nvidia is teasing "something super," suggesting a Turing refresh of some sort is imminent.

AMD isn't the only company intending to make waves at Computex this year, with Nvidia beginning to tease an announcement ahead of the show. The green team has posted a teaser via its GeForce YouTube channel as can be seen below.

Such as teasers go, there isn't much to interpret here. Aside from the "something super is coming," the clip shows a new metallic "super" logo. However, that in itself is enough to suggest that Nvidia has something in mind to counter AMD's looming first generation of Navi-based cards. With Navi rumored to bring performance parity with some of Nvidia's RTX models, Nvidia may be a bit worried.

A recent rumor avers that Nvidia is planning to refresh its upper shelf RTX cards with faster 16Gpbs memory, replacing the current 14Gbps GDDR6. That alone would be nice upgrade for the RTX line, but it's also not out of the question that Nvidia could be planning to bump up the clock speeds – especially now that Turing silicon yields have improved.

Whatever arrives, consumer interest may well hinge on the price tag. With its RTX lineup, Nvidia seemingly found the line in which many consumers aren't willing to cross in terms of price. Nvidia followed the premium RTX models with the more accessible GTX 1600-series, eschewing luxuries like ray tracing and deep learning super sampling (DLSS).

It could be Nvidia is planning "Super Editions" at the same price point, doing just enough to keep its RTX models ahead of AMD. We'll know soon enough, as Nvidia has an event scheduled at Computex for Monday May 27.