TechSpot regulars may recall that once-popular story-driven adventure game creator Telltale Games began to breathe its last dying breaths back in September of 2018 after it laid off 90 percent of its staff without severance.

Mere days after that news broke and it became clear that the studio would not be able to finish the final season of its "The Walking Dead" adventure series, the season's existing episodes were unceremoniously pulled from various digital storefronts. Telltale's other, older games were still available for purchase, however.

Unfortunately, that's starting to change now; at least on Good Old Games (GOG). The DRM-free digital distribution platform, owned by CD Projekt, has decided to delist all Telltale titles (including the Sam & Max, Puzzle Agent, and The Wolf Among Us franchises), meaning you won't be able to buy them beginning on May 27. Anyone who already owns the games on GOG will continue to have access to them, of course.

We don't know precisely why this decision has been made, but PC Gamer has a fairly credible theory – the outlet speculates that Telltale's closure has handed the video game rights of many of the studio's licensed properties back to their original owners. In other words, the non-existent company probably doesn't have permission to continue selling the games.

The key takeaway here is that if you have any interest in DRM-free copies of Telltale's classics (the Sam & Max series is particularly good), now is the time to snag them before they're gone forever. If DRM-free isn't your cup of tea, the games still appear to be available on Steam (with the exception of Tales From the Borderlands), and no removals have been announced on Valve's end just yet.