What just happened? Microsoft on Thursday introduced a new version of its Xbox Game Pass service specifically for PC gamers. It's called Xbox Game Pass, just like the original, but it is an entirely new - and separate - service.

Xbox Game Pass will launch with over 100 PC games on Windows 10 from well-known devs and publishers including Paradox Interactive, Sega, Bethesda, Deep Silver and Devolver Digital, among others. In fact, Xbox head Phil Spencer said they are working with more than 75 developers and publishers to fill out the PC library.

What's more, titles from Xbox Game Studios will be added to Xbox Game Pass for PC on the same day as their global release, just like on the Xbox.

Xbox Game Pass for PC members will also be privy to discounts in the Microsoft Store of up to 20 percent on games in the current library and up to 10 percent off related DLC and add-ons.

Spencer said Microsoft plans to share more information about Xbox Game Pass for PC during its E3 briefing on June 9. That means we'll have to wait until at least then to learn which games will initially be included, when the service will go live and how much a membership will command.