While folding displays continue to become more popular throughout the tech industry, Microsoft may be working on something a bit different behind the scenes -- a dual-screen prototype laptop, according to a report from The Verge.

The outlet claims sources familiar with Microsoft's internal plans recently showed off a "sizzle" video to employees, which displayed a new line of Surface devices, and "dual-screen prototype hardware." The video was so popular, The Verge claims, that employees formed "long lines" just to get a glimpse of it.

This device has reportedly been dubbed "Centaurus" for now, though that will inevitably change to more Surface-appropriate branding in the future (assuming this mystery product ever makes it to market).

Not much is known about the device's design, specifications, or unique features -- all we really know is that it could feature a lightweight version of Windows called "Windows Lite" for an OS and that it will be "larger" than the company's other dual-screen gadget concepts, such as the Courier (pictured above). Additionally, The Verge says Centaurus is being developed "closely" with Intel, whatever that might mean.

We have no idea when Centaurus will launch, but we'll likely learn more about it before the end of the year if these reports are accurate -- if Microsoft is revealing the device at an "all hands" meeting, it could mean its development is fairly advanced.