Bottom line: Yesterday saw Apple unveil its new Mac Pro at the WWDC event. Designed for the likes of professionals, 3D artists, musicians, video editors, and other creatives, the machine starts at $5,999, but those who want the top specs might have to pay around $45,000.

Apple never revealed how much the most powerful 2019 Mac Pro would cost, so The Verge put together some estimates of its own based on the same or similar components. While Apple could charge less or more for this version of the Mac Pro, it gives a ballpark idea of what to expect. The final price? Around $45,000.

Starting with the $6,000 base model, which includes the motherboard, PSU, and cheese grater-style chassis, The Verge estimated that filling its 12 DIMM slots with twelve 128GB sticks of DDR4 EEC memory would cost $17,867.88---1.5TB of RAM definitely doesn't come cheap.

Next is the storage. As Apple charges $2,400 to upgrade its iMac Pro to 4TB, it's speculated that upgrading the Mac Pro's 256GB to that capacity will cost the same. We still don't know if Apple will allow users to add extra storage themselves, which would bring the price down.

While $6,000 gets you a Mac Pro with an 8-core Xeon W processor, moving up to a 28-core model is going add a lot to the price. Intel's Xeon W-3275M CPU, which features 28 cores/56 threads, 66.5MB cache, 2.5GHz base/4.4GHz boost speeds, and support for up to 2TB of 2933MHz memory costs $7,453. Apple lists a 28-core processor with a much higher cache size, but the rest of the specs are similar, so the prices will likely be around the same.

The GPU costs are the hardest to estimate. The top-end Mac Pro will hold Two Radeon Pro Vega II Duo cards, making a total of four AMD Radeon Pro Vega II GPUs. These will be installed in two of Apple's MDX Modules and linked with its Infinity Fabric.

AMD hasn't yet released the price of its Pro Vega II Duo card, but if they cost around the same as Nvidia's similar pro-grade Quadro RTX 6000, expect it to be around $6,000. That means paying at least $12,000 for all four GPUs.

Add in the Afterburner accelerator card, magic Keyboard and Trackpad, and the price reaches around $45,000. For those who also want the $5,000 Pro Display XDR monitor and its $1,000 Pro Stand, the amount jumps above $50,000.