Apple's annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) kicked off today, and we finally got a glimpse of some of the products and services the tech giant has been working on behind the scenes. We saw new, privacy-oriented features for iOS, the all-new WatchOS 6 (which finally includes its own App Store), and more.

However, for power users, 3D artists, and video editors, the key feature at WWDC was likely Apple's unveiling of the 2019 Mac Pro. Apple's professional-oriented machine has not seen any major redesigns, upgrades, or reworks since 2013's Mac Pro hit the market, making it all the more important for Apple to get this model right.

And, based on its specs, it seems the company may have pulled that off – though its price (as you'll learn later) is going to give some people pause. 2019's Mac Pro features an 8-core Xeon W processor from Intel (clocked at 3.5GHz), a 256GB SSD, AMD's Radeon Pro 580X, and 32 gigs of RAM. The system also includes an "Afterburner graphics ASIC," which can handle "6 billion pixels per second" or playback three simultaneous streams with raw 8K footage. Naturally, all of that hardware can be upgraded to more powerful alternatives at checkout.

Those beefy pieces of hardware are packed inside a fully aluminum case, which features a frontal design that some have jokingly compared to a cheese grater. The cheese grater look is also present on the back of the Mac Pro's recommended display, the "Pro Display XDR" – a 32-inch, 6K behemoth with "up to" 1600 nits of brightness, a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio, and "superwide" viewing angles.

Accessing the new Mac Pro's internals is also easier than ever, thanks to its nifty, top-mounted twist handle. You simply lift the handle up, rotate it 90 degrees, and pull upward – the aluminum housing will come straight off with no further effort required.

Performing those steps in reverse lets you lock the housing back into place. For transportation, the 2019 Mac Pro will include two sturdy-looking stainless steel handles, which are built directly into the stand.

With all of the specs and design details out of the way, let's address the elephant in the room: the price tag. Starting at a whopping $5,999 (without the aforementioned Pro Display), the new Mac Pro is far from affordable for the average user. If you're unhappy with the base model's hardware, upgrading will probably cost you a pretty penny, too.

However, if you have the money to spare and the new Mac Pro sounds like your cup of tea, you'll be able to snag one sometime this fall.