What just happened? It looks like the post-apocalyptic Russian wilderness of Metro Exodus can now also be experienced through the Microsoft's Windows Store. Not just yet, though, as the title currently appears in the listing as not available, but a release date is set just in time for Microsoft's E3 2019 press conference on June 9.

Deep Silver and Epic stirred a hornet's nest when they decided to make 4A Games' much awaited title an exclusive on the Epic Games Store. While pre-orders of Metro Exodus on Steam were fulfilled, the last-minute exclusivity deal with Epic meant the game would make its way to Valve's marketplace no sooner than February 2020.

Now, the title has found another home on Microsoft's storefront. As spotted by PC Gamer, Metro Exodus appears in a new listing on the Windows Store and it just might be one of the featured titles in the company's recently announced Xbox Game Pass for PC.

While most gamers would still rather have the title appear somewhere else, considering that the Windows Store isn't much of a fan favorite either, it seems the Epic Games Store exclusivity could end sooner than expected, so there's a reason to feel smug about.

Metro Exodus was quite well received and well tested on the PC along with its ray tracing and DLSS performance. Here's hoping that its surprise launch on Microsoft's PC storefront can make up for its controversial start with Epic.