Why it matters: Razer enters the crowded refreshment arena on the back of Respawn, a nootropic meant to heighten mental performance while gaming. Razer is far from the first company to focus on gamers as a primary demographic (remember Bawls from the late 90s?) but with esports taking center stage and gaming more popular than ever, there's arguably never been a better time to step into the market.

Razer ahead of E3 on Monday introduced a mental performance drink mix designed to support focus, reaction time and mental stamina while gaming. It's called Respawn and is being marketed and sold under that name rather than directly from Razer.

Following the viral success of its Project Venom April Fool's gag in 2010, Razer got serious about creating an energy drink for gamers. The problem they found, however, is that many drinks and formulations were focused on providing physical energy rather than heightening mental alertness. Razer was interested in nootropics, not energy drinks, so that's exactly what they made.

Respawn is being offered in four flavors: blue raspberry, pomegranate watermelon, green apple and tropical pineapple. The sugar-free beverage features green tea extract, choline, vitamins B3, B5, B6 and B12, ground ginger and 95mg of caffeine per serving. Each $24.99 box contains 20 individual servings, each offering 20 calories.

The Respawn insulated metal shaker is available to purchase separately for $29.99 (sadly for gamers, it doesn't have Chroma lighting).

Respawn recommends mixing a packet with 16oz to 20oz of cold water.

Those interested in giving Respawn a try can purchase it over on Amazon and through Razer's online store.