In context: Game subscription services are becoming pretty popular lately, but not for no reason. In addition to being a more convenient gaming option for more casual users, they can also work out to be cheaper in the long run. That's mostly because they usually only charge you a small monthly fee for access to large content library, eliminating the need to pay $60 upfront for some of the hottest games.

This "all you can eat" approach to game distribution is not unlike what you might see in platforms like Netflix or Hulu, and that comparison has been made many times. Much like their video streaming cousins, game subscription services have become fairly popular – the market already includes offerings from Microsoft in the form of the Xbox Game Pass, and EA by way of Origin Access.

Now, Ubisoft is getting in on the action. At E3 2019, the publisher announced Uplay+, their own subscription-based gaming service. For $15 per month, Uplay+ will give you access to a massive library of over 100 existing Ubisoft titles (including the likes of Far Cry 5 or Assassin's Creed Odyssey), in addition to 'earliest available access' to upcoming games like Watch Dogs: Legion.

The service doesn't launch until September 3, but Ubisoft is happy to take your credit card information now if you'd like to pre-register for a free trial (the deadline is August 15). Just be aware that, like most other trials, Uplay+'s will autobill you once it ends; so be sure to cancel ahead of time if you lose interest.