Something to look forward to: No matter how you slice it, nearly $400 for an Atari console (with controllers, because you probably want those, right?) in today's landscape is a tough sell. Atari does have a lengthy track record but its last major console release was the Jaguar more than 25 years ago. Can it succeed?

Atari at E3 on Tuesday announced a distribution deal with GameStop and Walmart for the company's upcoming VCS console.

The Atari VCS first went up for pre-order more than a year ago on Indiegogo, raising roughly $3 million in the process. Those systems are still on track to be delivered in late 2019, we're told.

The new batch of consoles is offered in multiple configurations with availability based on where you pre-order from. The entry-level VCS 400 packs an AMD processor with embedded Vega graphics and 4GB of RAM. It'll set you back $249.99. The Atari VCS 800, meanwhile, with 8GB of RAM goes for $279.99 while an "all-in" system bundle with a gamepad and a joystick commands $389.99.

The gamepad and joystick are also available separately, priced at $59.99 and $49.99, respectively.

According to CNET, the retro black walnut design will be available exclusively from Atari. GameStop will be selling the all-black onyx design while Walmart will stock a version with gold accents on the front.

The systems pre-ordered from Indiegogo are still scheduled for delivery in late 2019, we're told. This new wave of consoles won't be available until March 2020. Look for pre-orders to open sometime this week (they aren't available as of this writing).