In brief: In its bid to purvey more podcasts, Spotify has overhauled the Your Library interface. It will now feature separate sections for music and podcasts. This change will prevent your favorite podcast from being buried beneath all your music.

Spotify has redesigned Your Library for premium users. The new interface now segregates podcasts from music. The change makes sense considering the company's recent acquisitions of podcast producer Gimlet Media and the Anchor platform.

Now when users are in Your Library, Music and Podcasts tabs will appear at the top of the screen. Each tab will have three subcategories. The Music section's categories are self-explanatory --- Playlists, Artists, and Albums. It is worth mentioning that under Playlists there is a new list called Liked Songs, which houses all the songs you've given a heart.

The Podcasts division features Episodes, Downloads, and Shows tabs. Episodes highlights the most recent broadcasts that you have not listened to yet. Downloads, just as the name suggests, lists all the podcasts that you have downloaded for offline listening. Shows gives you an overview of those you follow.

In addition to the new sections, Spotify will rearrange your selections depending on whether or not you are online. If you are offline, it will prioritize your downloaded tracks or podcasts.

Spotify is evidently trying to make the most out of its recent podcast investments by promoting them to a dedicated section. As a podcast listener, I like the idea of having my followed shows separate from my music. It makes them much easier to find.

The new interface is just one of many changes that Spotify has been recently implementing. On Wednesday, it introduced a new playlist called "Your Daily Drive." Earlier this month it brought its Stations app to the US, and back in March, it added Hulu to its subscription at no extra cost.

Spotify says the new feature will take effect today. However, as of this writing, I am not seeing it, and my Home page is displaying a "not available" message, so perhaps it has hit a snag. If so techs should likely have it ironed out soon.