Recap: Hot Topic made an offer for ThinkGeek's parent company, Geeknet, in mid-2015 but GameStop swooped in with a better offer at the 11th hour and secured the acquisition. This is why you've seen more geek culture toys and collectibles at GameStop retail stores in recent years.

Geek culture retailer ThinkGeek is shutting down its online store, consolidating its product lines with parent company GameStop.'s last day of operation will be July 2, 2019. All orders placed by this date will be shipped and fulfilled by ThinkGeek's warehouse staff although due to its 50 percent off sale (use code: movingday), don't be surprised if you experience a long delay in processing and shipping times.

ThinkGeek has more than 40 brick and mortar stores in the US that will remain open, the company said. Furthermore, you'll be able to find a curated selection of items typically found on via the ThinkGeek section at more than 3,700 GameStop stores.

Also worth noting is that all sales made on or after June 13, 2019, are final. No returns will be accepted. Furthermore, you'll have until June 30, 2019, to redeem your Geek Points on Any unused points will be converted and e-mailed over in the form of a coupon that can be used at GameStop. Unused ThinkGeek gift cards can still be redeemed at retail ThinkGeek stores, in-store at GameStop and online at