Traditional ICE car manufacturers are increasingly looking to expand their electric car line-ups, and BMW is no different. In the past, the carmaker promised to deliver 25 electric-powered vehicle models to the public by 2025. These cars will range from SUVs to luxury sedans and sports cars.

That's definitely great news for EV enthusiasts, but 2025 is still quite a ways off, which probably dampened the excitement a bit. It seems BMW recognizes that its previous plan was a bit conservative because the company today announced that it will be moving its promise up by two years. Now, the carmaker says it will deliver 25 new electric car models by 2023.

To be clear, not all of these vehicles will be fully electric -- "over half" will fall into that category, but the rest will likely be hybrid vehicles that use both gas and electricity to get around.

So, what caused BMW to move its plans up so significantly? Apparently, growing electric vehicle sales are what spurred the decision. BMW board chairman Harald Kruger said the company will "[double]" its EV sales by 2021, which will probably lead to increased investment in that part of its business.

We don't know exactly what BMW's planned 25 car models will consist of, but you can safely expect quite a bit of variety. BMW is going to want to appeal to as many different customers as possible to ensure its plans are profitable in the end.