Back in November 2016, Firefox developer Mozilla launched "Firefox Focus," a fast and simplistic mobile browser that emphasized privacy and speed by blocking trackers and ditching many of the extra features the full Firefox app contains – Focus was (and still is) lightweight and efficient.

Though many users appreciated this approach to browser design, that isn't quite good enough for Mozilla. Now, the company is launching "Firefox Preview," a mobile browser "partially" powered by Firefox's GeckoView engine.

With Preview, Mozilla hopes to combine the privacy and security of Focus with the "ease and amenities" of a "full-featured" browser. So, what does that entail? For starters, Preview is "up to" 2x faster than previous versions of Firefox proper (not Focus). This is primarily because trackers are now blocked by default, but Preview's more minimalist design also helps, according to Mozilla.

In terms of notable new features, Firefox Preview introduces "Collections," a tool that allows you to quickly "save, organize, and share" groups of websites that you might visit for different purposes. For example, if you visit TechSpot, Twitter, and YouTube every morning from your phone, you could organize those sites into a "Morning routine" Collection.

Unfortunately, this news might be a bit bittersweet for existing Firefox Focus users. Mozilla says that, due to the launch of Preview, Focus' development is being put on hiatus until further notice. However, it will remain available for download.

If Preview sounds like your cup of tea, you can download an experimental version of the browser on the Google Play Store. If you're an Apple fan, we have some bad news: Mozilla hasn't mentioned when (or if) their new mobile browser will arrive on iOS.