Recap: Roku announced plans to lend its streaming platform to smart TV makers in 2014 and has found tremendous success with partners including TCL, Insignia, Sharp and Philips, among others.

More than 30 percent of streaming TV platforms sold in the US during the first quarter of 2019 used Roku's operating system according to a recent report from Strategy Analytics.

With the impressive showing, Roku further extended its lead in the streaming TV platform category. According to the research firm, there are now more than 41 million Roku-based streaming devices in use including standalone Roku media streamers and Roku-based smart TVs which accounts for 15.2 percent of all media streaming devices.

Strategy Analytics reports that Roku now enjoys a 36 percent lead over the next major platform, Sony’s PlayStation, which is expected to stretch to nearly 70 percent by the end of the year.

David Watkins, a director at Strategy Analytics and the report’s author, credited Roku’s extensive content offering, comprehensive search function and intuitive UI as well as affordable hardware and regularly updated software as key factors in its success.

Roku aside, Amazon’s Fire TV OS was the second most sold streaming platform, capturing 12 percent of quarterly sales. Samsung’s Tizen finished third with 11 percent of sales and devices running Google (Android and Chromecast) accounted for nine percent of sales.

Masthead credit: Roku Ultra on display at Costco by Eric Broder Van Dyke