The big picture: As TrendForce highlights, TV makers engaged in "preemptive stocking" of sets in the second quarter over fears of a 25 percent tariff that could be implemented in the third quarter due to the trade dispute between China and the US. The rumored tariff never came to pass and now with the oversupply situation and weak demand, prices are dropping.

65-inch televisions are now the size of choice for buyers in North America. According to data from WitsView, a division of TrendForce, a "drastic fall" in prices for 65-inch sets has prompted consumers to forego smaller 55-inch sets in favor of the bigger 65-inch panel.

Indeed, prices on large-screen televisions are incredibly low right now. Target is advertising a 55-inch 4K set from Samsung for $399.99 and a 65-incher for just $599.99. I paid 40 percent more for a lowly 50-inch 1080p television although in fairness, that was more than a decade ago (and it's still kicking - fingers crossed).

TrendForce said most panel manufacturers will probably turn a blind eye to the idea of adjusting production capacity in the third quarter in hopes of maintaining respective market share. That could make for some even more attractive offerings this holiday season for those willing to wait another few months to buy.

Masthead credit: Young Woman Watching Television by Andrey_Popov