Bottom line: It's great to see another classic Capcom game get the HD treatment, even if it isn't an official makeover. That'll likely come in due time but for now, you can relive Resident Evil 3 with modern graphics thanks to this fan-made upgrade.

Capcom in recent years has made good on its promise to remaster some of the first Resident Evil games. The original received the HD treatment in early 2015 with the remake of Resident Evil 2 landing roughly six months ago. For Resident Evil 3, however, gamers will have to rely on a fan-made refresh until Capcom comes out with something official.

That's exactly what Resident Evil 3: Seamless HD Project is - a free, fan-made game that requires a PC and the Dolphin GameCube emulator (thus making it a mod of the GameCube version).

According to the product page, machine learning is used to upscale backgrounds. You also get upscaled 3D model textures, menu elements, HR portraits, restored integrated texts and even manually edited in-game screens.

The team also created a tool to analyze game data to generate completely new mask textures from the upscaled background textures. This solves the issue that always comes up when any kind of filtering or upscaling is applied to the game's mask textures.

While it looks great in many scenes, the team is quick to point out that it isn't perfect and neural network upscaling isn't magic. The process struggles in darker scenes, something Resident Evil is notorious for. Small text can also present a problem; when it was too distracting, the team replaced them manually.

Those interested in giving the mod a shot can grab the necessary files over on the RESHDP website.