WTF?! Drones might be fun, but have you ever thought they'd be better with a massive flamethrower attached? If so, an Ohio-based flamethrower supplier has the answer to your unusual prayers.

Throwflame is now selling the TF-19 Wasp, a flamethrower attachment for industrial drone platforms with payload capacities of 5Ibs or more. The company uses a DJI S1000 drone in its demo video below, which shows off the unit's capabilities.

Featuring a one-gallon fuel tank, the TF-19 Wasp can hit targets 25 feet away and spurts flames for 100 seconds before requiring a refill.

While we've seen weapons on drones in the past, this attachment is designed for agricultural applications such as pest control, controlled burns in forest fire management, and snow/ice removal. It also has uses at pyrotechnic events and in movies, and can help train firefighters. It's probably not meant for jungle warfare, though.

As you might expect, the TF-19 Wasp isn't cheap. It costs $1,499, and that's just for the attachment itself---no drone included. Throwflame told The Verge that it is offering custom-built drones for the TF-19 that range from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on specs such as flight speed and the image quality of the cameras.

Flamethrowers on drones isn't something new. In 2015, a teenager posted a YouTube clip of his drone roasting a Thanksgiving turkey using the makeshift flamethrower he'd attached. A few months earlier, the same teen had uploaded a video of a homemade drone firing a semiautomatic pistol.