In brief: Apple is expected to release three new 'iPhone 11' models this fall powered by the company's own A13 chipset, known internally by the codename Cebu. If you're in the market for a new iPhone but can hold out for another couple of months, you'd be best served to do just that - whether to get something newer or snag a discount on a current-gen device.

Sources who have reportedly seen the devices told 9to5Mac that all three will also feature a Lightning port, putting to rest speculation that some / all models might move to USB-C after the iPad Pro did the same last year.

The publication identifies the three new iPhones as the D42 (iPhone12,3) which will replace the iPhone XS, the D43 (iPhone 12,5) to replace the iPhone XS Max and the N104 (iPhone 12,1) that'll take over for the iPhone XR. The D42 and D43 will feature a 3x OLED Retina display while the N104 will get a 2X Liquid Retina display, much like the current generation. All will boast the same screen resolutions as their predecessors, we're told.

Apple's new phones are also said to feature a new type of Taptic Engine known internally as leap haptics. Specifics on this part aren't yet known but it could have a big impact as the new iPhones are reportedly doing away with 3D Touch.

The rear-facing camera array on the new iPhones will indeed look like the many mockups that have been circulating on the Internet, sources say. A new front-facing camera, meanwhile, will be able to record 120 frames per second slow-motion video.