If you've been an avid Windows-based PC user for longer than a couple of years, there's a solid chance you've run into serious issues with your system. Whether they were caused by software issues, malware, or something else entirely, a common solution to many Windows-related problems is system recovery -- restoring your PC to its default state.

Unfortunately, doing that can be a somewhat tricky process; one that often forces users to dig up their original Windows installation media, which may or may not be buried deep in a pile of junk somewhere in your house.

Starting next year, that could change, though. As PCMag reports, a leaked version of Microsoft's latest Windows Insider build hints at a "cloud recovery" option for Windows 10 customers. If something should go wrong with your PC, this tool would let you either reset your system locally (using the previously-mentioned installation media), or rely on a "cloud download."

The cloud download option is not only great for convenience (if you've lost your original system image), but as other outlets speculate, it could also save you some update time. After all, it would make sense for a cloud download to grab the latest version of Windows 10 from Microsoft's servers instead of the outdated version that likely shipped on your installation disc or USB.

Of course, a cloud recovery option is not perfect. If your computer is in particularly bad shape, or if you simply can't access the internet, cloud backups won't do you much good. Still, it'll be a nice alternative for anyone who can take advantage of it.