Bravo: The game’s director, Sean Murray, said earlier this year that the update won’t turn the game into an MMO. There won’t be a subscription element and there won’t be any microtransactions. Refreshing, right?

British video game developer Hello Games has announced the launch date for its next big No Man’s Sky update: August 14.

Hello Games revealed its Beyond update back in March and a week or so later, announced that virtual reality support would be included as part of the free bundle. Beyond will also deliver a revamped multiplayer experience (yes, VR and non-VR gamers can play together) and a third major arm although the developer hasn’t yet revealed what it is.

Unfortunately, the new release date announcement trailer doesn’t provide any hints. It's unclear if the developer will reveal the third arm before launch or wait and let you figure it out come August 14.

Hello Games earlier this year invited select members of the press to try out its new update and the feedback seems overwhelmingly positive. Several publications said No Man’s Sky feels like a completely different game in VR and if that is indeed the case, it could be a big step forward both for the game and VR as a whole.