Through the looking glass: Advancements in technology such as the Internet and mobile devices have revolutionized how we consume information. Advertisers for years have been rerouting ad dollars from print publications to online platforms; without those crucial ad dollars, and with fewer people picking up magazines and newspapers, those mediums are struggling to survive. It's not unfathomable that print media could go away entirely in just another generation or two.

MSDN Magazine, the monthly publication that has provided technical guidance to the Microsoft development community for more than three decades, will publish its final issue in November. All previous issues will be archived and made available online, we're told.

MSDN got its start in the early 90s as a quarterly, CD-ROM-based compilation of sample code, SDKs and technical articles. In 2000, two separate magazines - Microsoft Internet Developer and Microsoft Systems Journal - came together to form the modern iteration of MSDN Magazine.

In a special announcement, Microsoft said that as its products and services have expanded over the years, MSDN Magazine has gone through its own evolution. The team realizes that it is time to retire the magazine and carry on its work through web channels like

Those who have pre-paid for subscriptions beyond the November cutoff date will receive a pro-rated refund based on the time remaining on their subscription. Refund checks will go out to subscribers after the final issue has been published, Microsoft said.