What just happened? No Man's Sky developer Hello Games on Thursday published a launch trailer for Beyond, the massive update scheduled to arrive on August 14. The teaser reveals even more of what we can expect from the mysterious update including a glimpse at the Nexus.

Hello Games founder Sean Murry said that when they sat down to write the first lines of code on what would become No Man's Sky nearly eight years ago, he never could have imagined the kind of trailer they just published.

"A multiplayer game, with base building, trading, space combat, giant mechs, economies, freighters, first person, third person, and so much more, all set in a beautiful procedural universe," he said.

The Nexus is a shared social space meant to bring players together like never before.

Suddenly your ship that you spent 50 hours earning can now be seen by others in the Nexus. Your rare spacesuit and unique helmet can be shown off to other players. Friends and strangers can visit that massive base you've been working on.

The space-faring adventure game will soon get virtual reality support and a radically new social and multiplayer experience. Hello Games has also promised a third major arm to the Beyond update but hasn't yet shared exactly what it is. At this rate, it looks like gamers may have to wait until next week to uncover the mystery.

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