In brief: Most people remind family members or housemates of something via text or messaging services, or for those who are more old-school, post-it notes. But these can sometimes be missed or forgotten. With Google Assistant, however, there may be a better option.

Soon, you'll be able to use Google's digital assistant to send reminders to specific family and household members. You can, for example, say: "Hey Google, remind John about his doctor's appointment at 4 pm tomorrow." You'll then get confirmation that it was sent, and John will get a notification about the reminder, along with another notification about the appointment closer to its time. The sender will also be informed when the receiver marks the task as complete.

This function can also work with location- and address-based reminders. Asking someone to remember to buy bread when they're at the store on Main street, for example, will result in the reminder appearing when that person arrives there. It can also be used for personal messages, such as: "Remind Kelly how great she is tomorrow at 6 pm."

For the sake of privacy, you will only initially be able to send reminders to people in your Google family group, or those whose accounts are linked to the same smart speakers/displays via Google's Voice Match authentication system. The feature will also appear on next year's Nest Hub Max, where it will work with those who are Face Matched. Recipients must also be in the sender's contacts. It will be possible to block notifications from overenthusiastic family members and friends, thankfully.

Google says assignable reminders are "rolling out over the next few weeks in English on phones, speakers and smart displays in the US, UK, and Australia."