In brief: Spotify is also introducing Family Mix which is a "personalized playlist packed with songs the whole family enjoys." The playlist will be updated regularly, we're told, and you'll even be able to control who is in each session to "optimize your family's favorite shared listening moments."

Spotify on Monday announced a new version of its Premium Family plan that introduces a long-requested feature.

With the new Family plan, the master account holder will have access to an explicit content filter governing all other accounts on the plan. Parental controls can be managed in the Family Hub and can be toggled on or off remotely with a password. Any content that Spotify labels as explicit will be blocked when the content filter is enabled.

The family playlist feature personally sounds a bit cheesy as the whole point of having your own account and unique playlists is to populate them with tracks you enjoy. What teen wants to be subjected to music their parents thought was cool 30 years ago?

News of the expanded feature set comes on the heels of rumors that Spotify is considering increasing the cost of its Family plan by as much as 13 percent. Even with more than 108 million subscribers, the company is still losing money so generating more revenue is a necessity. Adding new features to an existing plan could help to justify the price hike.

The new version of Spotify Premium Family is available now in Ireland and will be rolling out in other markets this fall.

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